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Recovery Guide for Widowed Moms
  • In This Guide, You Will Learn... 
  •  What Grief really is and the typical responses
  •  How grief often gets mislabeled
  •  Other causes negatively impacting to your grief
  •  Six major myths of grief and unhelpful comments
  •  Ways you may be attempting to relief the pain 
  •  The "Do's" and "Don'ts" of helping your children with grief

Grief Recovery is key ....  

Jennifer will help guide you, as she truly listens to your story ...

Her professionalism, strength and caring nature will help you in your healing process ... by removing your grief, creating a shift in your mindset that is freeing and that rejuvenates peace of mind.

 Uplifting, hard work that is a must!

 - Lisa, Widowed Mom from Maine 
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